Flavonoids Are Intra- and Inter-Kingdom Modulator Signals

Authors: Elisa Ghitti, Eleonora Rolli, Elena Crotti, Sara Borin

Flavonoids are a broad class of secondary metabolites with multifaceted functionalities for plant homeostasis and are involved in facing both biotic and abiotic stresses to sustain plant growth and health. Furthermore, they were discovered as mediators of plant networking with the surrounding environment, showing a surprising ability to perform as signaling compounds for a multitrophic inter-kingdom level of communication that influences the plant host at the phytobiome scale. Flavonoids orchestrate plant-neighboring plant allelopathic interactions, recruit beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, counteract pathogen outbreak, influence soil microbiome and affect plant physiology to improve its resilience to fluctuating environmental conditions. This review focuses on the diversified spectrum of flavonoid functions in plants under a variety of stresses in the modulation of plant morphogenesis in response to environmental clues, as well as their role as inter-kingdom signaling molecules with micro- and macroorganisms. Regarding the latter, the review addresses flavonoids as key phytochemicals in the human diet, considering their abundance in fruits and edible plants. Recent evidence highlights their role as nutraceuticals, probiotics and as promising new drugs for the treatment of several pathologies.

Citazione: Ghitti E, Rolli E, Crotti E, Borin S. Flavonoids Are Intra- and Inter-Kingdom Modulator Signals. Microorganisms. 2022; 10(12):2479. https://doi.org/10.3390/microorganisms10122479

Pubblicato il: 15 Dicembre 2022

Link: l’articolo completo è disponibile – https://doi.org/10.3389/frsus.2022.928970